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Fenelia ArcFire Magic
Forest's CalmForest Magic
Forest WallGain and Loss ArcGap Arc
Garden of God ArcGathering ArcGearing Up Arc
Generate/OrganizationGolem SummoningGravity Magic
Guardians ArcHe ArcHis Ability Arc
His Purpose ArcHis Remnants Arc
I'm Gonna Get Strong! ArcIllumination MagicImmortality Magic
Infiltrating the Bandits' Den ArcInitial Movement ArcInitiative Arc
IremiIremi's GrandmotherIremi and... Arc
King Edwin
Long Night Arc
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Magician Edermask 2 ArcMagician Edermask Arc
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The Truth ArcThe Truth of the City ArcThe Two Edermasks Arc
The Value of a Name ArcTheodoreThose Who Live in the Past Arc
Those Who Remain, Those Who Depart ArcTimeTime is Running Out Arc
To the Mainland ArcTracker ArcTrue Power Arc
Truth ArcTwo Faced Lord ArcUnknown Character
WandraWar Orphan Arc
Wind Magic
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