In Season 1 the story follows Edermask and two children he meets at a Adat. Iremi a powerful magician and Enzu a swordsman with high potential. 

For a list of story arcs in this season see story arcs.

Short SummaryEdit

Season 1 contains 180 chapters. The series begins in the forest village of Adat, the tomboy Iremi, sees the infamous mage Edermask en route to her hometown. Wanting to find out who is stronger, she sets off to challenge him with her childhood friend Enzu, a novice swordsman who is always being dragged around wherever she goes.

Iremi, Enzu start a journey along with Edermask each seeking something different from their journey: Enzu seeks revenge for the murder of his father, Edermask is looking for a lost magic, and Iremi is just there for the ride. Without knowing the dangers their journey might bring them, they set sail to fulfill their heart’s desires and uncloak the mystery behind Edermask's immortality.




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