RPG Adventure is the first mini-series created as a side story after the chapters of Magician chapters (it isn't officially named).

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Enzu, Iremi, and Edermask encounter a angry giant. Its extremely powerful and neither Iremi or Enzu are able to deal damage to it, but receive a lot of damage. Edermask's attacks gave it more strength. The giant is revealed to be a mechanism controlled by a person.

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Enzu, Iremi, and Edermask are walking on a bright day. A castle is in the background to the right, and a mountain to their left. Enzu is chasing an animal with his sword. Its become night as they walk into a barren valley scattered with skeletons around a angry giant. In the distance a castle looms. It is revealed to be extremely strong. It's attack almost kills Enzu and does half of Iremi's health, but barely damages Endermask. Enzu counter attacks and Iremi uses her vine magic against it. Bother of their attacks "miss" and don't do any damage, while Enzu continues to take damage and is almost out of health. Edermask watches on, in disappointment. He steps up to face the giant with Enzu and Iremi now behind him. He uses lightening magic against it, but instead of taking damage, his magic now gives it more health and makes it stronger. It grins menacingly at them. They all run away with Edermask leading the way as the giant stomps after them. They escape over the horizon. A door is revealed at the back of the giant's head. It sits down and a ladder comes down from out of the door. A character exists the giant.

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