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Nastasha is the granddaughter of Delil. She grew up in Onbuzuka where she was introduced to Arumio and Nenomious.[1] Although Arumio liked her from the beginning, she was drawn toward Nenomious. She preferred his diplomatic approach to solving the war against Aruman, rather than Arumio's aggressiveness. Arumio becomes more hostile, which pushes Nastasha further away from him. Nenomious' diplomacy fails and her grandfather dies in the resulting war. Because he can't take his brother's ways any more, Arumio leaves them despite Nastasha attempting to persuade him. She moves with Nenomious, where he becomes a professor and she helps teach the future generation (in an effort to bring peace through education). At some point, Arumio comes back barely alive and exhausted from fighting against Aruman repeatedly. They resuscitate him, but he's still cold towards his brother. One day, Arumio confronts Nastasha and pins her against the wall. He blames his brother for her grandfather's death. When pressed why she doesn't like him, she responds that his behavior makes people uncomfortable and "he makes her go crazy". Upset, he leaves while warning her that she'll regret choosing his brother. Five years later he has returned again. His hair is now white and he is much more powerful. He casts a spell on Nastasha causing her to fall asleep indefinitely.[2] Although Nenomious searches for a medical cure, no doctor is able to wake Nastasha up.

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  • Nastasha refers to Nenomious by a pet name, "Nes"


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