Molliviore or more fondly called as Molly is a protagonist introduced on the second volume of the Magician series.

"There's no need to waste any time on opponents such as these. We'll break through and we move on." -Molly about the soldiers at Lord Modern's Castle

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Molliviore is a middle-aged woman with average height, fair skin and golden blond hair. She usually appears on her red dress and carrying a book where she keeps her spells.

She holds contempt to women who don't show class as they should and very critical especially to Iremi's rather rowdy attitude. They would constantly have a heated talk whenever they meet in the past but eventually had an understanding when they joined forces to captured and detain the murderous lord of Modern.


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Her relationship with Pierre would prove to be long standing since they've been together for more than 30 years. She is very nit-picky when it comes to people actions.

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Referred to as "Bourgeois Magic".
She has a rare kind of magical ability. She is able to copy and store different kind of magic on her book from different people and able to replicate it.

Her stored magics are more of the flashy type. She seems to be filling most of her borrowed magic from royal magicians, something that Phobia came to criticize even comparing it to a Jester putting up a show in front of a king.

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Molliviore comes from an influential noble family. She spent her childhood usually alone with any children of her age around that is why she was happy when her father introduced Pierre to her as her body guard.

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  • There is a running gag on her fainting or feeling that she is about to faint when faced with a "stressful" situation.
  • Iremi's once addressed her as 'perverted otaku ajumma'.

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