This is a list of minor characters in Magician. Characters on this page haven't contributed significantly to the story - typically they only appeared in few chapters, made multiple non-speaking appearances, spoke without being seen, or been mentioned without being seen.

If a character has made multiple appearances or is significant in the plot, but hasn't yet been named, you may place it under Unknown Character instead.


Chrisis the MercenaryEdit

"Chrisis the Mercenary... was ordered to kill the palace magician. [...] He had to go through the Valley of Dragons to make it in time. There he met..."
A story involving "Chrisis the Mercenary" as told by the Lydia innkeeper.[1]

Season 1Edit

Lydia InnkeeperEdit

Ladiya Innkepper

[2] She is an old lady who is the owner of an Inn in Lydia. She appears in the Tracker Arc.

Magic City Gem Shop OwnerEdit


Sayul and Grandpa

[3] In Magic City, an underground gem shop is run by this shop owner and his grandson Sayul. Sayul is always wearing sun glasses even though he's indoors. The shop owner knows Edermask.

Season 3Edit

King of Jim Edit


[4]He is a magician.


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