Matthew is one of the main protagonists of the series. She is half dragon.

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Matthew is a half dragon. Most of the time she is in her human form but under special circumstances she can transform into a dragon. In her human form she is one of the tallest characters. She has green hair with 3 small horns on her forehead. Her irises resembles reptiles' and she also has red makings on her face. Besides her human & dragon form, she can also partially transform in certain situations - usually when she consciously or unconsciously tries to tap into more of her power.

She is friendly and cares a lot about her friends. At the same time she enjoys seeing them embarrassed.


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Matthew is a half-blood born between a human and a dragon (later revealed to be Dortellis, one of Janus' supporters). As stated by Iremi's summons:'Dragons are hard to control because they're aggressive by nature. So the half breeds... unlike the pure-breeds they lose their mind completely when they turned into a dragon.'

Matthew was Jean(Merchant-Ajussi)'s friend as a child. Once she lost her temper and transformed into a dragon, which made him find monks to seal her. However, he forgot about that later therefore she stayed sealed for 40 years.

Her seal was broken by Jean during a fight between Ederamask, Enzu, Iremi and Janus' soldiers. She emerged as a dragon and attacked them all. After the soldiers were defeated, she was put to slip by Iremi's summons while Edermask acted as a bait/distraction. Since then she's been traveling with the group.

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  • Because of her tall height, she has constant problems finding clothes that fir her - as Enzu's sword stated: 'It's like trying to find female clothing for Edermask.'

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