Marie is dark elf and an antagonist on the early parts of the Magician series. She is first seen at Chief Guard Ryce's office talking about Edermask being found.

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Marie has pointed ears that is attributed to her dark elf heritage. She have a dark brown skin and long off-white hair which length is just below the shoulders.

When she was re-introduced on the second volume, she wore a much shorter hairstyle.


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She specializes on tracking, covert operations, hiding and evasion much to the dislike of Edermask.


Like Edan, Marie is also able to use the magic spell: "Eye".

She also displayed an unnamed spell that she used to track Edermask using the magical residues he left behind after his confrontation against an army.

She can also use a spell on her feet or anything to make it move faster.

She is also able to summon two goblin-like creature that follows her bidding, mainly to fight with or for her.

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Season 1Edit

Tasked to keep an eye on Edermask and his party as commanded by Janus, Marie did so for almost the entirety of the volume one of the Magician series. She was hard-pressed to follow her orders and was quite effective on hiding her presence for a while from Edermask.

Season 2Edit

After an encounter with Edermask where she was left fatally wounded, she suffered on what appears to be a trauma-induced amnesia and later came to the belief that she somewhat had a romantic connection with Edermask. During this time she went on a journey depicted as a side story from the main story. During this adventure pre-timeskip she met Mosdi and took him up as a companion and started a search for Edermask.

When they did find Edermask, they found him fatally wounded after his clash with Janus in Theodore's capital. When Marie saw blood, her lost memories came rushing back to her and she finally remembered that she and Edermask were once enemies. Never the less, Mosdi and Marie took up and cared for Edermask. His rehabilitation took years but they never left his side.

They would later come to meet Enzu, Iremi and the rest of the gang at Phillis. Iremi became irritated with Marie from the get-go not because she was a former enemy from her childhood but because Marie occasionally teases Edermask by calling him "hubby".

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