Magician Edermask is the first story arc in the Magician series. It is in these chapters where our main protagonists meet.

Summary Edit

Iremi finds out that the infamous magician Edermask is heading towards their village, Adat. To prove her strength, she heads out to challenge him, while bringing her friend, Enzu, son of a local knight (Sir Henry). When fighting, Edermask seems to play with Enzu, not considering him a real threat. He is impressed by Iremi's magical ability.

They notice smoke coming from the village, and cease their fight to check on it. A fire magician, Edan was threatening the village to join his country of Theodore. Upon refusal he begins to burn the village. Sir Henry, went to defend the village but is struck down by Edan just as Enzu returned.

Enzu charges at Edan, who smacks him towards the ground. Edan lectures Enzu,before deciding to kill him. Iremi interrupts Edan before he kills Enzu. Edan is prepared to kill Iremi as well, but first jabs at Wandra for not cooperating. Edermask finally shows up and encounters Edan who then recognizes who he is. He summons "The Eye" to report his discovery to Janus.

Story Impact Edit

Iremi and Enzu join Edermask each for their personal reasons. Edermask is looking for the Immortality Magic, Enzu is looking for revenge, and Iremi is there for the journey.

Sir Henry's death and Enzu's inability to fight Edan prompts Enzu's desire to get stronger and avenge his father by following Edermask.

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