King Edwin is the king of Theodore during the start of the main story-line until his demise on the hands of Janus.

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King Edwin is a tall, well-built man with short blond hair and fair skin. 


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Edwin acts as the king of Theodore although admit tingly only acting as a puppet and stead to Janus who is the one who is truly pulling the strings on Theodore's monarchy. This situation is true even to the former kings of Theodore for 300 years, a fact that he want to change as he want to truly take the throne for himself and overthrow and kill Janus with  the help of his loyal ally, Edan.

This ambition will lead to him seeking the help of Edermask. Edermask did not comply and he still pursued to overthrow Janus with the help of Edan. He was last seen as his body was lying on the floor drenched in a pool of blood overseen by Janus. He was later succeeded by his son.

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