Jean is a merchant that travels from place to place to sell his goods.

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More than 40 years before the beginning of the main story-line, Jean was acquainted with a girl named Matthew who is half-dragon, half-human. He grew up with her not knowing of her true self. When they grew up into adults it was accidentally revealed to him the half-draconian nature of Matthew which cause both panic to him and Matthew causing the transformation of Matthew into a dragon. Luckily, monks were passing by during the commotion and immediately sealed Matthew into an egg. Most probably because of the trauma of that day, Jean forgot to take the egg to the monks to unseal it to free Matthew. Jean stashed the egg and forgot about it for 40 years.

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Iremi and Enzu first met him when he called the attention of the two that their money has been swiped by a thief which would later lead to them chasing the said thief who turned out to be Dirt. [1]

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  • Jean is known for the entire first season as Merchant-Ajussi it was later revealed that his real name is Jean.

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