Iremi's Grandmother is first seen in chapter 1. She is a magician in the village of Adat.

Appearance and Personality Edit

She's an elderly woman with white braided hair. She is missing teeth and has wrinkled skin. She is seen wearing a brown hooded garment (with the hood partially covering her head). She seems to be a caring person who shows concern over her granddaughter, Iremi.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Due to Wandra being the village leader, Iremi's Grandmother's relationship with her is related to Adat's business. She most likely reports findings of her crystal ball to Wandra if necessary, and assists her in magical related tasks.

Family Edit

As Iremi's grandmother and only known relative in Adat, she takes care of Iremi who lives with her. Iremi isn't shown to be obedient to her instructions as she's shown running off despite her grandmother's warning. Additionally, she left her grandmother without saying goodbye in person to avoid being held back. Despite this, she still loves her granddaughter and worries about her well being.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Her house is filled with books (presumably magic) and she seems to be proficient with using a crystal ball to keep up with events in Adat. Most likely she's the local magician/alchemist for the town.

History Edit

Season 1Edit

Since she was observing her crystal ball in the first chapter, it seems she also is sort of a guardian/watchman for the village. She's the one who inadvertently informed Iremi about Edermask's coming to the village.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name isn't given in the series.
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