Nenomious (Edermask) is one of the main protagonist of the series.

"You think I don't even know the meaning of Edermask's name? One who shrouds the sky. One who does not succumb to anyone within this world...But looks down and crushes them instead."
Enzu explaining Edermask's name to Shadow

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Edermask is a very tall man and has three red stripes on each side of his cheeks. He has wavy, brown, middle-length hair that goes below his shoulders. He had brown-almond eyes, his nose is long and his lips are thin.

He wears a white cape that covers his entire body, this cape has been shown to have a magical protection spell over it especially against fire. He carries a blue staff with a pink orb on the top around with him, and also carries a short sword around under his cloak.

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Ethermasks bounty.

  • On a wall of bounties in Lano there was a bounty for Edermask. Although only three of the five bounties were seen, Edermask's bounty was the highest at 700.000.  
  • During the series it is found out that Edermask isn't really his name but one that he took on after becoming immortal.  
  • The red markings on his cheeks are a result of the Immortality spell. People who became functionally immortal through the spell gains the markings. Edermask has been searching for the immortality spell which is forgotten when used on oneself.
  • He is said to be over four hundred years old making him one of the oldest magicians in the Magician series.
  • Edermask has been treated as a criminal for the past 300 years because he was considered a big menace to the people of the world until Janus stopped him. However many of the crimes attributed to him were not of his own fault, but rather from a lookalike who is being commanded by Janus.

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