Edan is fire elemental magician who serves under King Edwin of Theodore as the chief of security. At the earlier part of the series he appeared to be serving under Janus but it was later revealed that his true loyalty lies heavily on the king of Theodore. Only acting as serving Janus to know about the plans of the latter.

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Edan is a tall, lean man with dark brown skin and a short blond hair. He usually sports a red hat and an attire akin to that of cowboys.

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Edan is a fire elemental magician. He showed enough prowess on his magical element that he was able to go toe-to-toe with Edermask for a short period of time even injuring the latter. His magic is capable of a wide area of destruction.

Eye: An gigantic red colored eye appears behind Edan. Meanwhile Someone far away can see the same thing that Edan can see.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Edan is first seen as a messenger from Theodore who has come to claim an alliance with Adat, the home town of Iremi and Enzu. However, when the village master, Wandra, refuses to join the Theodore war effort, Edan begins to burn down the village and attack its citizens, killing Enzu's "father", Sir Henry, and severely injuring Enzu.

Edan is only stopped by the sudden appearance of Edermask, who causes him to retreat. Edan summons The Eye to inform Janus of Edermasks reappearance into the world.

Edan is seen again in Chapter 34, where he is confronted by Janus. Edan shows a great deal of hostility towards Janus, showing that there is a divide in the kingdom on Theodore.[1]

Edan is seen reporting to King Edwin, Ruler of Theodore. We learn of the internal strife caused by Janus' presence in the royal house. Edan seems to support King Edwin wholeheartedly in his goal to defeat Janus and claim the land on Cantera, showing where Edan's loyalties lie. [2]

Edan confronts Edermask and the others in a bar. He talked a little with Edermask but their chat got interrupted by Marie who he kidnapped. Marie then tries to contact Janus with Eye and Edan says that he has sealed that spell.

Edan wants to test Edermask true strength so he challenges him to a fight.

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