Duwei is an agent of Janus. He works together with is long-time partner, and lover, Edia.

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Duwei first meet Edia when she is almost raped by two men who were looking for goods off the dead soldiers of a massively huge battle field. Duwei ended up killing the two men and Edia and Duwei started traveling together. Since the world was filled with war the two didn't feel like they belonged anywhere accept the battlefield. They became mercenaries and earned money. Duwei and Edia finally ready to settle down decide to head to a peaceful forest. The only problem being that they have to cross the impenetrable wall where the "reaper" resides. They decide to join an army that plans on breaching the wall because they heard that the fortress will soon fall. During their raid on the wall the reaper comes out killing everyone accept Duwei and Edia. He offers them the chance to become his subordinates and not be those of hire, telling them of his lord Janus' plan. Duwei refuses for both himself and Edia stating he ready to settle down with Edia and that he never really cared for the sword but that life made him wield it.

A couple of weeks after they heard that the country they were fighting with against the wall were defeated. A year of peacefulness until the forest they were in was attacked by the country of Aramen. Since Aramen thought that Theodore (country that the "reaper" serves) used the forest as a way to get in. Duwei tries to get Edia to leave so that they may escape elsewhere and live in peace. But Edia is enraged as she watches the men kill the people of the forest. She kills them all and tells Duwei they should go to the reaper. Once at the wall again the reaper tells them their duties and they train.

Edia learned that she had magical abilities and never used a sword again. They did missions for the reaper for several years. Edia was gaining more and more fatigue after every mission and was starting to get an unstable emotional mind-state. Only becoming herself in Duwei's arms. Then they get the order to go after Edermask.

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After the reappearance of Edermask in Adat, Duwei and Edia were sent to track his movements. Feeling overconfident, they revealed themselves to Edermask at an Inn between the city of Lano and the port city Lydia.

At night, the two had a duel against Edermask, who proved to be far to powerful for them. Edermask managed to kill Duwei in an instant, before focusing his attention to Edia.

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