Dirt is an upbeat thief and a protagonist of the series, acting as Iremi's servant.

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Tall and stocky, Dirt has a wide grin, dark hair, and is always seen with his open blue jacket.

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Jean (Merchant-ajussi)[edit | edit source]

As the only other adult outsider of the group, Merchant-ajussi and Dirt become quick friends and great drinking buddies. This is ever prevalent when Dirt instantly notices and comments on Merchant-ajussi's change in personality nearing the end of the first volume, along with the large sense of regret Merchant-ajussi feels after he learns about the death of Dirt (in volume 2).

Iremi[edit | edit source]

Dirt was seen to have a great relationship with Iremi, constantly acting both as her servant and older brother. Although Iremi's cruel nature resulted in her beating him up and punishing him, Dirt took it all in good fun and followed her with unwavering loyalty. He was constantly looking out for her, and in the end gave his life to protect her. Years later, Iremi was still greatly affected by Dirt's death. She held onto an intense anger towards Merchant-Ajussi because she believed Dirt's death to be his fault, to the point where she wouldn't go anywhere near him and didn't inform him of Dirt's death. Later on, she was finally able to let go of her anger and actually comforted Merchant-Ajussi when he blamed himself for Dirt's death.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Dirt is first introduced as a thief in the Magic City of Tisea. After stealing Iremi and Enzu's gold, Dirt is chased back to his hideout, which is destroyed by the children.[1] Because his actions lead to the destruction of the thief's hideout, Dirt seeks refuge with the main characters. He is eventually accepted into the group by Iremi, who takes Dirt as her personal servant. [2]

Nearing the end of the volume, wanting to contribute more to the group, Dirt asks Enzu to teach him how to use the sword. Unfortunately, a trap laid out by X*** and Merchant-ajussi, lead to Dirt's unfortunate death, as he sacrificed himself to ensure Iremi survived.

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