Chapter 9 is the ninth part of the "Magician Edermask" arc.

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Iremi interrupts Edan before he kills Enzu. Edan is prepared to kill Iremi as well, but first jabs at Wandra for not cooperating. He tells her that a few dead won't be a problem. Edermask finally shows up and encounters Edan who then recognizes who he is. He summons "The Eye" to indirectly report his discovery to Janus.

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The chapter begins by showing Edan standing with hands clenched in front of a fiery explosion. As it dissipates, pieces of flaming wood are revealed. Edan, annoyed that his attack had been blocked, asks aloud, “what is it now?” Iremi’s staff’s gems glow and buzz at its tip. She yells “Enzu, are you okay?” as we see him being placed down by vines. He thanks Iremi as he pants. Edan calls Iremi cheeky for interrupting and she responds by claiming he is a terrible person as she stares at him. “Say whatever you want, because those will be your last words.” Fire forms in Edan’s hands.

He turns to Wandra and tells her that he would have left in peace “but you just don’t know what’s good for you.” He then smirks and comments that killing a few [villagers] should be okay. He combines the flames and states that it will be enough for Iremi and Enzu. Iremi steps forward nervously. She wonders what she should do and notes that “of all the types why is he fire?” Edermask casts a shadow over Iremi as he steps in front of her. Edan questions the newcomer. Electricity forms around Edermask’s arm; his staff’s tip also begins to crackle. Edan recognizes his new opponent, and begins to say “You’re Eder…” when he falls to his knee and declares “What? No, my body… What is this magic? Heavier… no. Am I being pulled down?” (Gravity Magic) He laughs, shatters the spell, then proceeds to stand.

Edermask comments that Edan had easily undone his magic. Edan continues to chuckle as he adjusts his hat. “Edermask, hun? How convenient.” Edermask becomes surprised as Edan yells “EYE!” and a giant eye opens behind him, crackling the space around it. “We’ve finally found you.” Edermask stands in front of Iremi and Enzu with his hair and cape fluttering from the energy given off by the eye. His reflection is seen on the eye. Somewhere else a hooded man with the eye on his forehead exclaims “Edermask”. He walks through an arched pathway, enters between two large doors, and up a red carpet. He addresses a man named Janus, and reports his finding Edermask. Janus replies while looking out of a window, “Is that so… Good work”.

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  • Edermask seems to be weaker against fire magic.


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