Chapter 8 is the eighth part of the "Magician Edermask" arc.

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Sir Henry battles Edan who's destroyed parts of the village with his fire magic. Sir Henry's finishing blow is absorbed by Edan's magic-embedded arm. Edan counter-attacks and kills Sir Henry. Enzu runs up to his father. Angry at Edan, he tries to attack but is smacked down. Edan prepares to finish off Enzu. Meanwhile Edermask is still wandering through the forest looking for the village.

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The chapter starts with a couple looking at the burning village from afar. Meanwhile, in the village fire spreads throughout as villagers frantically try to quell the flames. Sir Henry reprimands Edan for the damage he’s done. Edan responds that he’ll “end this now” and unleashes more attacks onto Sir Henry who continues to volley the attacks. Edan quickly changes his attack direction and closes in on Sir Henry who reacts with a downward strike. He is surprised when his sword clangs into Edan’s arm which is glowing orange. Edan than focuses his fire magic in his other hand and begins to charge up for an attack.

Meanwhile Edermask is wandering through the forest searching for the village. He comments on how well hidden the village is, that it would have been hard to find without “those kids” (Iremi and Enzu), and that he was probably going in circles. He notes that it isn’t the season for forest fires and senses that something feels wrong.

Back in the village, Edan’s charged fist cracks and pierces through Sir Henry’s armor completely to the other side. Blood pours out of the wound and Sir Henry slouches over. Edan pulls out his fist which is now covered in blood. Sir Henry grasps at his abdomen while staggering forward. You can see through his armor and body through the hole that Edan left. He stammers that Edan is strong and collapses backwards to the ground.

Enzu runs up yelling “dad” and kneels besides Sir Henry with tears streaming down his face. He grabs his sword and rushes at Edan while calling him out. As he approaches, he begins to scream “I’ll kill…”, but Edan smacks him hard, sending him flying. Now on the ground, Enzu groans and wipes his face. His left cheek is swollen and blood comes out of his left nostril. Edan condescendingly lectures him about bringing “petty emotions” into a fight. He walks over and states that Enzu has ruined his mood. His fire orbs form in preparedness to strike and he yells, “So die!”.

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