Chapter 7 is the seventh part of the "Magician Edermask" arc.

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A man named Edan threatens Wandra for her to form an alliance with Theodore. When she refuses, Edan attacks. Sir Henry leaps out of a tree he was perched in to defend against Edan. They each show off their abilities while engaged in a heated exchange. Although Sir Henry seems to gain the upper hand, but Edan is confident in his fire magic.

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In a flashback in the village before the events of the previous chapter, the villagers murmur about a strange man. They recognize he’s giving off a strange aura and tell Wandra about him. The dark skinned man is taller than the people of the village. Wandra shows up with an escort of females. She introduces herself and asks the intentions of the newcomer. He politely accepts her introduction and introduces himself as Edan, serving King Edwin of Theodore. His country wishes to form an alliance with the master of Adat.

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Wandra responds that they have no intention of forming an alliance. The chapter shows a map and explains the political situation of the region. She tells Edan to go back as she turns and begins to walk away. He replies that he knew she would say that and tells her the reason he was sent over was to change her mind. He opens his clenched and a spark pops into a flame above his palm. She turns around worried as glowing orbs float around Edan and he closes the distance between them. He reiterates Theodore’s demands and Wandra cringes. Out of the air, Sir Henry jumps down towards Edan while yelling “Who do you think you’re threatening?” He deflects Edan’s magic attacks with his sword and lands with a boom.

A branch of the tree behind him is burning from the result of the attack. Sir Henry shames Edan for attempting to hurt an unarmed woman. He raises his sword in guard. Edan mocks his defense and tells him that he can’t buy much time. He ignites his hand. Sir Henry says that he talks too much and Edan replies that talking doesn’t alter his strength. He charges at Sir Henry who slashes at him. He then launches an explosive fire attack pushing Sir Henry back. Edan’s hand glows yellow as he charges a lethal attack. Sir Henry’s plants his sword into the ground and kicks Edan’s glowing hand. Edan braces his arm to block and lands on the ground. The chapter ends with Edan smirking.

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