Chapter 6 is the sixth part of the "Magician Edermask" arc.

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Throughout their fight, Enzu's swordsmanship impresses Edermask. Although Enzu believes that Edermask is too strong, Iremi thinks she's prepared. Edermask uses more magic in response. The fight is cut short as Iremi notices that their town is on fire.

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The chapter starts with the aerial view of Enzu’s sword being caught. Edermask again thinks about how he’s impressed. Even though he had made Enzu’s sword 5 times heavier, Enzu used his raw power to swing it again. As Iremi reaches Enzu, she asks if he’s okay. Enzu, trembling, tells Iremi that Edermask is too strong and he had just used his strongest attack. But Iremi responds that she expected him to be this powerful and would help Enzu for his next attack.

Edermask looks at his slightly closed hand and thinks to himself that he hasn’t felt this way in a long time, but also he doesn’t want to get too serious. He then clenches his hand. Iremi asks Enzu to buy her time as she prepares her strongest spell. Enzu gives an affirmation. Edermask with a slight smile asks if Enzu is still going to battle him and comments that they should have just run away.

The air around Edermask begins to crackle. But before either of them do anything, Iremi yells to Enzu to look somewhere else. Enzu’s eyes and mouth become wide open in terror as he sees a pillar of smoke coming from their town. He yells “Dad” and rushes off towards the town. Iremi and Edermask stand awkwardly next to each other until he asks her if he should go after Enzu; to which Iremi asks in response if he is letting her go. Awkwardly grinning, he tells her that they will meet soon enough and that she can go head. She gives him a questionable look and runs after Enzu; yelling at him to wait for her.

Edermask grips his sword and asks himself “Should I get going?” He slings his pack over his shoulder and starts walking to the town. As Enzu approaches the town huffing, he confirms that it really was what is on fire. Iremi again yells at him to wait as she pants. Enzu is wondering if it’s “those guys” as he enters the town. Right before his eyes he sees his dad being slashed through his armor and collapse to the ground in a pool of his blood. He kneels besides him crying and looks up to see the man who was walking through the woods. His hand is dripping with blood as he stares down at Enzu.

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