Chapter 5 is the fifth part of the "Magician Edermask" arc.

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Enzu and Edermask continue their sword fight. But Edermask takes the advantage while seeming to toy with Enzu. Once Edermask is done playing with Enzu he uses a spell to disarm Enzu. Iremi steps in and uses magic to protect Enzu before Edermask delivers a fatal blow.

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Enzu continues his relentless attack against Edermask with both exchanging strikes. Enzu leaps into the air to perform a downward slash but notices Edermask’s hand beginning to clench and kicks off him to give himself distance. He lands and clicks his tongue before asking if Edermask is going easy on him despite giving his all. He gulps while Edermask stares at him, says “Well then…”, brushes dust off his cloak and asks while grinning, “Should I kill you?”

Both Enzu and Iremi are shocked, and Edermask takes no time before launching himself at Enzu. But he doesn’t plan on killing Enzu; rather he would rather knock him out since he’s more interested in Iremi. Enzu prepares for the attack. Endermask stretches out his hand and casts a spell on Enzu’s sword causing it to pull him down due to its increased weight. Edermask lifts his sword above his head in preparation of a downward strike towards Enzu.

Iremi runs down the cliff towards Enzu while yelling “Wall”. Edermask thinks “You’re too slow” about Iremi’s involvement, but is surpised when a wall of tree growth spurts from the ground in-between Enzu and him. He again commends Iremi’s skill in his thoughts. Enzu slashes horizontally through the wall towards Edermask. To the surprise of Enzu, Edermask catches his sword with this hand.

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