Chapter 4 is the forth part of the "Magician Edermask" arc.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Enzu skillfully attacks Edermask but is not able to strike him, Edermask decides to push Enzu to see what would happen if Iremi got involved. Edermask uses a lighting spell to attack Enzu, which he barley avoids. After this Iremi casts a protection spell on his sword so it wouldn't break.

Long Summary[edit | edit source]

Edermask grabs his sword and slightly grins at his opponent, Enzu. Iremi watches on intently while Enzu braces himself. Enzu rushes at Edermask thinking that he will be able to quickly end the fight. Edermask sidesteps Enzu’s downward strike avoiding the attack. He continues to dodge Enzu’s attacks while observing his skill and acknowledging Enzu’s skill. He retaliates with an attack which Enzu blocks but is pushed back causing him to fall. Enzu notices that Edermask is reading his moves as he gets up.

Enzu compares Edermask’s sword skills with those of his father. Iremi is taken aback at how good his sword skills are considering he is primarily known as a magician and reassess the danger of the situation. Edermask, curious to see Iremi’s other abilities, plans on pushing Enzu a bit further to get Iremi involved in the fight. While thinking Edermask is thinking, Enzu sees it as an open and lunges forward. Edermask dodges the attack and Enzu regrets attacking too soon. Edermask counterattacks but Enzu raises his guard and deflects the attack. Sweating, he notes that he’s still alive while looking at the charred earth from Edermask’s attack.

Edermask speaks for the first time by complementing Enzu’s instincts. His sword becomes electrically charged. Enzu responds by sarcastically asking if Edermask is going to fry him and that he has been well trained. He yells for Iremi who has already begun to cast a spell, “Protection of the Forest”. Enzu’s sword glitters green with the enhancement spell and Edermask laughs while complementing the kids and pointing his finger downwards.

The story shifts to another scene of the forest to which a walking man comments that the spirits of this forest aren’t much different than those in ordinary forests. He raises a slightly clenched hand and a flame explodes into life hovering above his palm.

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