Chapter 374 is the sixth part of the "Nightmare Arc".

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Nenomious watches Nastasha in a moonlit room. He's fallen asleep and wakes up suddenly. After carrying Nastasha out, he burns the house. With a solemn look he walks away into the snowy valley. He talks to a robbed magician commanding him to talk about the immortality spell. He has killed all the magician's apprentices. The man claims to know nothing about the spell, so Nenomious asks who would. He directs him to Kinto from Theodore who is now on Quern Mountain. He gets back to a carriage and directs the driver to Theodore. Holding on to Nastasha's hand while saying her name and cries. He continues killing other magicians as he searches for the spell. He closes his eyes, and when he reopens, they are glowing red - in the present. He walks along the road, trailed by his followers.

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This marks the end of end of Nenomious' background story.



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