Chapter 369 is the first part of the "Nightmare Arc".

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Arumio is surprised and disappointed that nothing has changed in the 5 years he's been gone. He notes that his shack had become dilapidated and comments that things grow old everywhere. Nenomious asks what happened to his hair. Arumio responds with a surge of magic which wraps Nenomious and Nastasha in the laundry sheets and blows them into the house wall. He shoots the glass shards from the newly broken window in an outline around Nenomious and Nastasha. Nenomious questions his brother's reason for attacking them. Arumio questions Nenomious' keeping of their promise who says that he's still working towards that goal despite using a different method, but needs more time. Arumio concludes that Nastasha is what makes Nenomious weak. He presses a shard of glass against her neck. Nenomious breaks free and elbows Arumio, who bleeds. Nenomious frees Nastasha and confronts his brother who takes it as a challenge to fight, but Nenomious wants to talk. Arumio laughs in response.

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  • Nenomious refers to Arumio as older brother.



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