Chapter 368 is the forth part of the "Division Arc".

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He stands up in defiance asking why the king says his plan won't work. Arumio had proposed to sacrifice 10,000 people for a powerful magic spell. The king criticizes Arumio, telling him that his method will only turn Jim into a murderous country. Arumio tells the king that in the future he will be mocked as a hypocrite. The king calls in his guards, who are easily defeated. Arumio spares the king so that he can witness his downfall. From a mountain peak, Arumio watches Jim burning surrounded by Aruman's army. He sighs and lets out an angry shout. Then he begins to laugh. Nastasha and Nenomious talk about how he's been leaving too often. But Nenomious states that Arumio has been gone for 5 years without contacting them and that Aruman has taken half of the western continent. Arumio arrives with his hair now white. He smirks and both Nastasha and Nenomious stare anxiously.

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