Chapter 367 is the third part of the "Division Arc".

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Nastasha is filling up water when Arumio pins her against up against the shed. He's angry that she picked his brother, Nenomious, over him. He blames his brother for their grandfather's death. She slaps him and tells him that he makes people uncomfortable and that he makes her go crazy. He leaves by telling her that she'll regret choosing his brother. Arumio has returned to his fighting and approaches another king who is surprised to see him back in business. He asks if Nenomious has found a sure way of beating Aruman. Arumio states that Aruman's power comes from their magicians, but that he is capable of creating a powerful army of magicians within half a year. Nenomious and Nastasha discuss Arumio's lack of news. Nanomious contemplates how distant he's grown from his brother and when they become so different. Arumio's results are rejected by the king who thinks he's mocking him and banishes Arumio from his presence.

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Apparently, a few years have passed when Arumio was staying with Nenomious and Nastasha.



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