Chapter 366 is the second part of the "Division Arc".

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Nenomious and Nastasha have settled into their new life. He has become a professor. Arumio has become a commander of an army unit. Different scenes contrast the lives of the brothers. Arumio is haunted by memories of his life with his brother and Nastasha. Arumio, shown weary and worn, goes from one king/queen to another offering his service which are hesitant because a rumor has spread that countries he allies with get destroyed. Although he destroys a sizable army, he notices that Aruman has grown too large for him to deal with himself. Arumio goes to his brother and passes out on arrival. Nastasha and Nenomious nurse an extremely ragged Arumio. When he regains consciousness, he refuses his brother's aid. He goes to live by himself in a shack near his brother. He studies magic strenuously. After seasons go by, he has figured out the magic he was seeking.

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