Chapter 364 is the fifth part of the "War Orphan Arc".

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The king talks to Delil about the improvement of Onbuzuka. He praises Nenomious contribution and asks about his younger brother, Arumio. Delil responds that Arumio is radical. He says that Nenomious is comparable to his magic ability, but Arumio far surpasses him. The king comments that their current peace will not last long before Arumen makes a move. Various scenes of the brothers training and learning pass. Nenomious lays in Nastasha's lap while reading. They discuss Arumio's worsening demeanor and how war is becoming eminent. Arumio runs up to them and declares that Arumen has made their move. War has begun.

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The coloring of the ending panels of this chapter return to the dark red-tone of the first chapter in the third season, Chapter 360.



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