Chapter 362 is the third part of the "War Orphan Arc".

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Arumio pleads with his "grandfather" (Delil) to meet the king to tell him of his plan to attack Aruman. Delil refuses and Arumio storms off. Delil speaks with Veline who reasons Arumio's aspect. Delil prepares to meet with the king.
Nenomious sits beneath a tree in a wheat field reading a book. Nastasha sits besides him and leans on his shoulder. She notices Arumio walking towards them and gets up to great him. Arumio argues with Nenomious while Nastasha tries to break it up. They stop when they notice their grandfather is taking the carriage. Arumio's excitement of getting an audience with the king is turned to rage when Delil takes Nenomious instead.

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