Chapter 3 is the third part of the Magician Edermask arc.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Iremi pushes Enzu forward to fight Edermask. Enzu pulls out his sword but is too nervous to actually fight. Iremi casts a spell to calm him down and he his able to focus properly, Edermask smiles and decides to "play" with them.

Long Summary[edit | edit source]

Enzu is scared to death, but Iremi “assures” him and sends him off with a push. Crying and screaming, he slides down the edge of the cliff they were standing on and hits the ground with a thud. He mumbles about Iremi while the dust is settling and then sees boots. He nervously gasps while looking up to a slightly amused Edermask who wonders who these two are.

Iremi shouts for Enzu to do his best, while he thinks that she’s making it worse. Even though he’s afraid, he still manages to stand up. He accepts that there is no turning back at this point and tells himself to take it slow. Iremi contently notes that Enzu “didn’t feint this time” and that although Enzu may not look like he is able to wield a sword, he was taught early on by his father who is a famous swordsman. But Enzu’s flaw in fighting is in the face of a real battle.

Enzu calls out Edermask to bring it on. And Iremi chuckles at his nervousness while contemplating on using a magic spell. Edermask notices her and she casts The Forest's Calm on Enzu. This immediately relaxes him and causes him to feel less scared. Edermask is impressed with Iremi’s ability to cast the spell at her young age. He smirks and is glad he came this way.

Enzu is now confident that he can face Edermask and Iremi gives a sigh of relief that the battle is about to start. Edermask grins and laughs “I was getting annoyed from this long journey…” He challenges Enzu, “Shall we play?”

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