Chapter 25 is the sixth part of the "Shadows Arc".

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Dolphins leap out of the water. Edermask watches them solemnly. Iremi leans on the rail on her folded arms, lips pursed, as she stares off. Edermask asks her if she saw him last night. Their capes and hair flutter in the breeze. She looks at him out of the corner of her eye, opens her mouth slightly, but doesn't respond. He asks if she is afraid of him. He continues to stare off into the ocean. She looks at him and stammers, "A... A little bit." Edermask replies, "When you saw me first," he looks at her from the corner of his left eye. "you never thought that you could die, did you? Did you think I wouldn't kill you because you're a kid? Didn't you worry about it at all?" Iremi clenches her right fist. "What about the consequences of your actions?" She sweats a little and gulps. "You think this world is so easy." He continues to stare at her with his left eye.

Iremi looks back at the ocean. "That's because Binding is my specialty... I thought I could catch anyone... And our types matched." She sweats more. Edermask looks at her. He closes his eyes, and pushes his hair up against his forehead. "Its been 300 years... No one was able to catch me fore over 300 years. And you thought you could catch me with your childish magic?" Iremi stammers. Edermask continues. "I've been pursued my whole life. You could say that I'm always walking towards death. If I don't do anything about my enemies, more of them will come after me. So if you get swayed emotionally, you guys are the ones who will suffer. And later... It'll get me into trouble as well. Do you want that?" He smiles and giggles.

"You're..." He walks towards her. He is about to place his hand on her head, but she flinches away. "This is a problem..." he thinks to himself while scratching his face. "You're not as strong as Enzu. Enzu is prepared to take responsibility for his actions... But I don't know why you followed us. Is this journey some some kind of picnic to you?" A tear rolls down her face. She wipes it away as she sobs. "The reason why I came with you is..." Before she finishes her sentence, she becomes sea-sick and vomits. "That's not what I wanted to say..."

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