Chapter 22 is the third part of the "Shadows Arc".

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Iremi is depressed. She leaves breakfast without eating. In the bedroom, Iremi recalls the events of last night. Edia was crawling away from Edermask while begging. She runs off the cliff, but Edermask's lightening bolt strikes her before she reaches the water. In the present, Enzu shakes Iremi back into reality while asking what's wrong. Behind Enzu, Edermask stares back at Iremi.

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Iremi tries to eat stew but she puts down her spoon. Enzu looks at her questionably while eating. Iremi gets up with a sad look. Enzu asks if she's done. She pushes her chair back in place while stating that she isn't feeling good and is going back to bed. Enzu also gets up and calls after her. The innkeeper worried, asks her if there was something wrong with the food. Iremi responds that she thinks she has an upset stomach. Enzu asks aloud, "what's wrong with her? Is she afraid of the boat ride that we're about to go on or something? She didn't even touch her food, either!" He gulps, "I'll just it it myself -- can't let the food go to waste." He eats it while stating that its good. Edermask is shocked.

Outside the inn, birds are chirping. Iremi solemnly sits on the edge of the bed before plopping down on her back. She stares at the ceiling while remembering the events of last night.In her flashback, Edermask holds his staff while walking towards Edia. She huffs as she backs away from him sitting. She yells for him to go away and flips to crawling on her knees - a look of exasperation and sweat fill her face. Edermask sends a lightening bolt next to her. She cowers. Huffing, she stands, her right cheek burnt. Edermask's eyes glow white and his hair flows around him. He sends down multiple lightening bolts all narrowly missing her. Edia screams and covers her head. Breathing heavily she runs until the cliff edge. She screeches to a stop and gulps. Pebbles fall a long way down to the ocean below. She jumps over the edge. Edermask says, "You can't escape me..." and sends down a large lighting bolt which hits Edia with a loud zap. Strands of her pink hair float in the air. Her charred and smoking body fall into the water.

Enzu repeatedly calls out Iremi's name. Her focus blurs from the flashback to the present. Enzu is shaking her with a worried look. "...What are you daydreaming about? Hey! We have to go!" Iremi stares past him. Behind Enzu, Edermask adjusts his jacket. He stares back at Iremi from the corner of his eye. Enzu continues to ask if anythings wrong.

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Chapter 22 - Afterwards

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