Chapter 2 is the second part of the "Magician Edermask Arc".

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Iremi informs Enzu on what they are going to do much to his shock. He is eventually convinced and goes home to get his sword first. Afterwards Iremi spots Edermask and shouts his name.

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While they are walking, Enzu is fed up with no knowing and asks Iremi to tell him what she’s doing. She whispers “Do you know Edermask?” and Enzu replies embarrassed “Of course”. He then realizes he does know, and rhetorically responds “Edermask?!” He talks about how Edermask is immortal and has lived for over 300 years and does all sorts of nefarious deeds. He smugly finishes his description of Edermask and turns to face a mischievously smiling Iremi. In doubt, he asks if she is serious; to which she replies “Yes, let’s get Edermask!”

Enzu completely terrified begins to cry and Iremi moves onwards. He calls her crazy, but she taunts him. He gives up his resistance while pouting and sitting down on the ground. She tells him that Edermask is passing through their town and plans on waiting to confront him before he arrives. Iremi’s goal is to prove to their town that they are not “just some kids”. She offers him a hand up. Enzu, knowing her reason, is even more unwilling to go, but brushes his concern aside and follows the excided Iremi.

Iremi reminds Enzu to bring a sword, but he responds that his dad is still home, and would “beat him to death” before they leave. One hour later, a much bruised Enzu shows up with a sword strapped to his back. While walking, Enzu wonders aloud how strong Edermask is. Enzu questions her excitement and she responds by saying that her heart is racing.

A bird flies in the sky and then we see Edermask’s face. He’s walking through the forest with his cape fluttering behind him. Enzu notices him and impatiently declares that he’s finally shown up. She calls out Edermask who stops and turns to face Iremi with an annoyed expression. Enzu tells her that he isn’t ready and Edermask stares with a deadpan expression.

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