Chapter 16 is the third part of the "Tracker Arc".

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Edermask uses magic to disarm all the soldiers. Edermask uses more magic as a warning to not disturb them as they leave. He breaks open the town's gates. Marie, looking from a window, observes that Edermask is not as merciless as he's supposed to be.

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Soldiers march into position and raise their swords towards Edermask and the children. Ryce steps forward and introduces himself as Lano’s chief guard. He asks them to disarm themselves and surrender without resisting. Edermask tells him that they only came to the town to rest and not cause trouble, “so let us leave in peace”. Ryce laughs, “If every criminal used that logic, we couldn’t arrest anyone.” He points at them and shouts a command at his soldiers to “arrest them all!” Iremi nervously asks “what do we do?”

The soldiers shout as they charge forward to apprehend the criminals. Edermask slightly clenches his left hand while raising it. A soldier proclaims that his squad will take the lead. Enzu grits his teeth. Edermask raises his hand, pointing his index figure slightly upwards. The air around him begins to buzz. Electricity roars and thunders around him. (Gravity Magic) All the soldiers’ weapons fall to the ground. They murmur and cringe now that they can’t hold their swords. Iremi thinks, “Oh… I forgot about that! Nobody should be able to do something like that…” Her staff’s gems begin to glow (Forest Magic).

Ryce twitches while stating in disbelief, “Wha… what? Before we could even put up a fight… we can’t win just with numbers?” The air around Edermask continues to crackle with electricity, turning a blue hue and causing his hair to stand on end. A giant sphere of electricity forms in front of him. The soldiers look frightened. Enzu stares in awe. He shoots it into the ground, burning a hole into the pavement. A shrieking soldier falls back, out of its path. More soldiers part away, while Edermask and his companions walk through. Ryce curses and the soldiers murmur. Edermask breaks open the village gates and commands the soldiers to not “dare follow us!”

Marie looks out of a window and thinks aloud, “Edermask… He’s not what I expected from the rumors. I thought he was supposed to be merciless. Is it because of the kids? Hmm…” She turns away from the window.

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