Chapter 1 is titled "The Magician Edermask". This is the first chapter of the Magician series.

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Iremi's Grandmother uses her crystal ball to see that Edermask is headed towards the village she lives in, Adat. Looking over her grandmothers shoulder Iremi notices Edermask and decides to go challenge him to see who is stronger. Outside of her home she meets her friend Enzu and, after teasing him of being afraid of a frog two days earlier, takes him with her to go see Edermask.

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While Iremi’s grandmother is using her crystal ball, she sees the magician Edermask on the way to their village. Iremi startles her grandmother and asks to confirm the statement of Edermask passing through their town. Iremi, curious to see if she is stronger than Edermask, quickly leaves while ignoring her grandmother’s attempt to stop her. Her grandmother is worried and hopes nothing bad happens while Iremi pouts about being treated like a little kid.

Iremi runs into Enzu and is unhappy to see him. Enzu notices her reaction and calls her bitter. She calls him a punk and grabs him by the collar. He responds by telling her that her speech isn’t lady-like, but quickly regrets his words and cowers. Then he tries to retract a statement he made in the past.

In a flash back a couple of days ago, Iremi and Enzu are hunting for wild boars in the forest. Enzu brags about how easy it is to hunt them but then gets scared once he hears rustling in the bushes. Instead of a boar, a frog jumps into his face and he yells loudly.

Back to the present, Iremi calls Enzu a coward and insults him while he tries to defend himself. He finally declares that he no longer is worried to which Iremi grins mischievously and challenges him to another try. Although scared, Enzu pride causes him to accept Iremi’s quest without being told what it is.

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This chapter takes place in the forest village Adat.


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