Boilerplates are templates that enable users to pre-generate the structure/format of specific pages.

When creating a new page you can:

  1. Place the provided code from the listed template pages into the source editor and apply. (Most straightforward method)
  2. Select the appropriate template from the notification at the top of the editor, click on the template.
  3. Click Insert, select Template, type in and select Boilerplate/<Type>. (Type is Arc, Chapter etc.)
Fill in the desired parameters. For steps 2 or 3, before you're done, switch to source editor and add 'safesubst:' before the template name:
After saving, the page will be generated with this template and all the provided values filled in. Nifty!

The usage for each is contained in their respective template page:

The new page links can be edited at MediaWiki:Newarticletext. Due to how new page pulls the entire page, pages were created to hold the templates: Generate.




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